How Running Improved My Life

One Step at a time, one foot in front of the other

Adekunle Jr


Let me start off by saying I do not actually enjoy running, I don’t enjoy the physicality of it and it’s absolutely not my favourite form of exercise or sport.

“Hold on, hold on mate, wait a minute, is this guy for real?”

“What is this guy on about? The title of the post insinuates running made a positive change in his life but he’s started off by saying he dislikes it? What type of Jedi mind trick is this?”

I know, paradoxical right? But bear with me for a second….‘let me land’ as the kids like to say. I enjoy only two aspects of running, but these aspects have nothing to do with running itself.

“It allows me to be a step ahead of everyone still asleep and be fully prepared to attack the day ahead” — Ross A

Now before I get into what these aspects are, let’s take it back to how I started running in the first place. July 2017, I started a new role in the City and made cool new friends in the workplace. I bonded really well with one in particular, Ross. Truth be told, I think we got on really well because we were the only black men in our department of similar age, background and interests.

Now, Ross turned up to work every day punctual, looking dapper, focused and ready for the day ahead. Having recently become friends on Instagram, I noticed he really enjoyed running and would post his running stats daily. Quite early may I add, 5 am to be exact. I didn’t get it, why on God’s green earth would someone choose to wake up that early to go out running?

I took it upon myself to find out why, so I asked him — “Yo Ross, why you get up so early to jog bro?”

He replied back in his usual calm but confident manner, simply stating:
“It allows me to be a step ahead of everyone still asleep and be fully prepared to attack the day ahead”

Now, never had I heard a guy from my walk of life speak in such a passionate way about running, exuberating confidence and self-esteem while being so tranquil. To put it simply I’ve never heard someone justify a valid reason for getting up at…



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